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  • Bellini Kitchen Master
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  • Bellini Kitchen Master
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Ghee, the most widely used cooking fat in India, is butter that, through slow cooking, is transformed into pure butter free of any moisture or milk solids. It is a beautiful, golden color and has a nutty flavor and aroma. Because it is pure butter, it can be heated to a much higher temperature without burning. Try it the next time you sauté or fry any dish in which you would normally use butter.

Makes about ¾ cup


1 recipe Homemade Butter or 2 sticks (8 ounces) store-bought butter, cut into chunks


1.     Fit the stirring blade into the work bowl. Remove the measuring cap from the lid. Add the butter and cook at 70 C on speed 2 for 5 minutes to melt.

2.     Cook at 100 C on speed 2 for 45 minutes. The butter should be very clear and a very light golden brown. Brown bits (the milk solids) will be stuck to the bottom of the work bowl and there may be some white foam floating on top of the butter. Remove the work bowl, tilt it and spoon off the foam. Slowly pour the butter into a heatproof glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, leaving the brown bits on the bottom.




Homemade and store-bought butters can vary wildly in the amount of water and milk solids they contain. Check the butter after 35 minutes to see if it looks as described above. If not, reset at 100 C on speed 2 and reset for the remaining 10 minutes. If the ghee doesn’t look as described above after the full 45 minutes, continue cooking at 100 C on speed 2 in 4 minute increments until it does.

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