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  • Bellini Kitchen Master
    This incredible sous-chef is equipped with everything you need to mix, blend, weigh, steam, stir, whip, emulsify, grind, heat, cook, chop and knead your freshest ingredients.
    It can even brew fresh coffee!
  • Bellini Kitchen Master
    Since the Bellini is the industry leader in hands-off cooking, it frees up time on busy weeknights to relax or visit with your family and friends.
    You also cook more things from scratch, saving you money and ensuring your loved ones are enjoying the freshest, healthiest meals possible – every night!
  • Bellini Kitchen Master
    Worry-Free Cooking
    Never accidentally overcook, undercook, or burn your food again!
    The same recipe will turn out absolutely flawlessly every single time you make it – we promise!


My wife loves the Bellini. Very versatile and so convenient to cook healthy meals for the entire family when you come tired from work. It chops and cooks for you! No mess and easy cleaning. You can also make butter in it... once you'll do your homemade butter, you will never want to go back to commercial butter. As I am not fond of cooking, I love it as well because I can make quick delicious desserts easily. Strawberries; and Bellini will take care of the whipped cream! You have to learn a little on how to operate it before... make a few tests... but once you master it .... it will save you ton of time, space and headaches.

Nicolas, Santa Clara, CA

I am very impressed with this machine and it truly is able to perform many of the functions other appliances can do. Appliances like this are not new, as they have been popular in Australia and Europe for some time. Now that they are available in North America and people start to discover how useful they are, I expect that they will be popping up on kitchen counters all over.

Steve Cylka, Food Blogger, Toronto

I just blended a chocolate coconut cheesecake in the Bellini and I have NEVER been able to get cream cheese smooth!!!! Not with room temp, not with 5min of blending...NEVER! The Bellini did it in 30 seconds! I still can't believe it's power

Marisa Raponi, Vaughan, Ontario

The Bellini, love it. I have two Thermomix units at work so I am very familiar with what they can do. So far my little Bellini does everything I have asked of it. From sauces to custards to risotto everything has come out great. My pet peeve with the Thermomix, besides the price ($1800) is the fact that it is designed for the little cup on top to come off. I am a culinary instructor and you have no idea how often those little cups hit the floor. I even complained to the manufacturer but got nowhere. You can imagine how happy I was to find that you had made yours to lock on when necessary. Thank you for making all of this equipment available without the hassle of ordering from overseas or across the border. I am a very happy customer.

Donald Pattie, Winnipeg

The Bellini easily diced my scallions, then proceeded to fry ‘em up nicely. It was totally hands off, meaning I was free to get the next few ingredients prepared or to make a side salad to go with our dish. Risotto, as you may know, is not a very easy dish to make. So when I added my arborio rice, white wine and broth, I was slightly skeptical at how well it would turn out. But 18 hands-free minutes later, and I had the perfect, chewy, tasty risotto of my dreams. And afterward, all I did was pop some dish soap and water into the bowl, and turned it on for seven minutes to self-clean. Amazing. Some other experiments involved using the machine as a food processor to whip up a batch of fluffy, painless hummus. I don’t know if it’s because of the bowl’s steep sides or the speed and sharpness of the blades, but my hummus turned out amazingly – and cost a fraction of the price I would have paid at the grocery store. I also used the steamer function to make some broccoli as a side dish. Again, compared to my experiences using my rice cooker as a steamer, this was pretty incredible. You could even prepare multiple dishes at the same time – put rice in the main cooking bowl and steam some broccoli or fish on top.

Brittany Rycroft, Calgary

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